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Olaplex Treatment from West End Brisbane’s Leading Salon

Olaplex is an original and patented formula that strengthens, treats and restores hair. At Rokstar, our stylists and directors are experts at implementing the technology to bring out the brilliance in your hair.

What is Olaplex?

The original multi-step system can be applied at various stages in the colouring and styling process to ensure your hair health is maintained, and that your locks are looking as beautiful as they should.

Olaplex has three separate systems that can work alone or together to work their magic. Alone or together – at home or in the salon – the specially developed formula fuses chemistry and hair artistry together to create formulations you’ll love to integrate into your routine.

  1. Bond multiplier

The original member of the Olaplex system, the Bond Multiplier is added to the hair colour or chemical treatment before it’s applied to the hair.  Designed with chemistry in mind, the formula creates bonds between hairs, and cross-links between broken bonds to strengthen and thicken your foliicles. It acts as a counterbalance to the potentially damaging effects of excessive hair colour, and means your colour will last for a whole lot longer.

  1. Bond perfector

The name says it all – the aim of this serum is to perfect your hair after service, to restore strength, integrity and structure to the follicles. Restore your hair and help it react against the drying effects of hair colour. Add a dose of bond perfector to your professional hair colour treatment.

  1. Hair perfector

Want to experience the salon-fresh benefits of soft, shiny and strengthened hair at home? With Olaplex’s convenient at-home formulation, you’ll be able to continue your treatment in the privacy of your own bathroom.

Not only does this allow you the convenience of accessing salon-standard serums at your own home, but it increases your hair’s strength even further. Rather than leaving behind the benefits at the salon, continue to restore structure and integrity with the carry-home bottles, available at retail prices from Olaplex.

Add on to your salon service or book individually

The treatment can be used in combination with a number of salon services. No matter what service you have booked yourself into, it’s simple to add Olaplex to the mix for that added touch of luxury.

That includes using Olaplex alongside any colouring technique, including balayage, bleaching and simple highlights. It also means you can use the patented treatment to boost hair quality after it’s permanently straightened or curled.

The treatment can also be used as a standalone technique for those weeks when your hair seems a little lacklustre. Book in for a singular Olaplex service to take full advantage of the high-end treatment.

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With a team led by creative director and award winning hair dresser, Brodie Lee, Rokstar will create hair magic with a combination of curated products, skills and techniques.