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“From the very first time Brodie did my hair, I knew I’d found my hairdresser for life. She listened, offered advice and styled my hair in a modern high-fashion look that I’d only seen on celebrities and runways, never on me! Brodie is so approachable and warm and my hair has never been a better blonde or in better health. There is nothing quite like trusting your hairdresser completely, I’ve found my home at Rokstar! ”

Allie Gilfedder, Covet Marketing

“A hairdresser by definition is a person who cuts and styles hair as an occupation. Brodie-Lee Stubbins by definition.. exceeds your expectations of a hairdresser.

My hair and I have had the absolute pleasure of being in Brodie-Lee’s nurturing and experienced care for nearly 9 years now and not once have we looked back. She makes every appointment a fairy tale experience by creating an atmosphere in which all my needs and concerns are attended to. Her cheerful and personable disposition shines through each interaction, making me feel like I am catching up with my best friend. I leave each time feeling nothing short of fabulous and confident.

Brodie-Lee has transformed my hair and applied her creativity to make me fall in love with each style, colour and cut. I have never met another hairdresser with such vision, not only for hair but for herself and where she wants to be. There has been no goal too difficult for Brodie-Lee to achieve, to allow her to make her own dreams come true within her career. She has gone from small country town apprentice to big city smoke director of her very own salon as well as on the side jet-setting to brush shoulders with (and the hair of) the beautiful models and fashion giants at various fashion weeks. Her motivation and drive is simply impressive.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Brodie-Lee or having her work her magic on your hair – do yourself a favour and pop in and see her. Trust me, you won’t regret it!”

Anita Schmidt

Allie Gilfedder