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Hair treatment specialists

Colour-treated, processed, curly or damaged hair? ROKSTAR Salon’s blonde hair specialists in Brisbane can help you achieve softer, smoother and manageable hair with our hair treatments. Book in for a haircut in our inner city west end salon now!


Shu Uemura Moisture Master Serum: Suitable for those suffering from dehydrated and brittle hair that breaks easily. Featuring rich Gardenia Oil and Vitamin E, the serum prevents moisture loss and damage from free radicals.

Shu Uemura Shimmer Master Serum: Made from wild rose and essential vitamins, the Shimmer Master is formulated specifically for coloured hair to boost shine and protect the hair from oxidation.

Shu Uemura Repair Master Serum: Designed for damaged hair, the serum repairs and stops breakage.


Smartbond strengthens your hair whilst it is being coloured. A Smartbond additive is mixed with your dye in salon, then applied as normal. When the colour is ready, the hair is rinsed and Smartbond is applied as a pre-shampoo and left on for 10 minutes. This is then rinsed, and shampoo and conditioner are applied as normal.

What are the benefits of Smartbond?
– It targets weaker parts of the hair bond to strengthen and limit stress to keep the bond intact.
– It improves the overall finish of your hair colour, as it supports more even coverage.
– It helps to reconstruct the weak ion bonds to reverse the feel of damaged hair.
– It doesn’t affect your colour at all, as it adapts to different colour products.


This innovative treatment smooths and conditions the hair, eliminating frizz whilst providing protection and adding incredible shine. AGI One is available for all hair types at our hair salon in the West End, with ranges catering for resistant thick hair, and for the first time, colour treated and blonde hair.
AGI One realigns and conditions, providing a hair shielding effect, frizz reduction and protection of the hair fibre. The advanced technology smooths and conditions the hair by releasing a nanoparticle into the hair shaft to repair hair from the inside out, whilst simultaneously forming a protective film around the hair shaft.

Under thermal action, a film crystalises on the hair surface (thermal crystalisation), homogenising and releasing even more conditioning agents into the hair.

AGI One contains coconut oil for added hydration and incredible shine and is formaldehyde free. Each treatment lasts between 3-5 months.

After the hair is treated, you are able to wash your hair straight away and colour or tone the hair immediately afterwards. We also offer and recommend a range of take-home aftercare to keep your hair in optimum condition between your AGI One treatments.

Call ROKSTAR or visit the salon today for a consultation and personalised quote.


ROKSTAR is one of the only salons in Brisbane to have a PIIQ Consultation Smart Mirror! PIIQ is a game changer for the global salon industry, delivering a revolutionary consultation experience. PIIQ’s digital mirror technology has face shape recognition, a unique celebrity match facility, in-built prompts for expert take home product recommendations and a 360° capture of your finished look. Welcome to your salon of the future…call us to book your PIIQ consultation today!

Call ROKSTAR or visit the salon today in Brisbane for a consultation and personalised quote for your treatment by our experienced blonde and curly hair specialists.


Need a hair cut in Brisbane?

When you book into our West End hair salon in Brisbane, you can expect an experience unlike the ones you’ve ever had before. Our hair cut and style services are priced in different tiers depending on what level of experience you would prefer. Having a trim? Try out one of our emerging stylists. Maybe you’re looking more for something totally transformational and bold? Book in with our director or principle stylist. However, all of our senior team are trained of the highest standard with multiple awards under our names. Don’t hesitate to give the salon a call to talk it through - we know how precious your beautiful hair is and we want to get your cut right. Work together with our consultants and stylists to get the perfect look that you’ll be thrilled with.

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*All Prices are subject to variation without notice. Rokstar provides our guests with a free consultation before an appointment if you wish to obtain a quote.

*All new clients are required to leave a $50/service deposit to secure their first appointment, which will be deducted from the cost of the actual appointment.

*No show clients and late cancellations within 24 hours may result in a fee covering the whole cost of the appointment.

*Repeat no show offenders must leave a deposit for all appointments.

*Booked services cannot be cancelled on the day of an appointment.

*ROKSTAR offers a 20% discount for children’s cuts on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday before 5pm.


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